NC Polaris
Torch Cutting

Torch, Plasma, Laser and WaterJet Cutting:

Quality parts begin with precise graphic representation in AutoCAD or Mechanical Desktop. Numerically  controlled  part  programs  are prepared inside AutoCAD  with  the integration  of  NC Polaris. NC Polaris models the manufacturing process for Torch, Plasma, Laser and WaterJet applications, totally automating toolpath generation for these applications.

Industrial standards for cutting with a torch/flame cutter are totally defined in the system operations. When implementing a cut cycle, the decisions for appropriate leads, kerf compensation, and direction of cut are automatically defined. Simply selecting "Cut" from the menu and selecting the part shape completes the generation of a cutting profile.
NC Polaris supports all types of marking devices including zinc spray, scribe, scoring, and punch marking. Applications requiring multiple marking heads are easily handled by the NC Polaris Torch Knowledge Base.
Nested parts are sorted by marking processes, internal cuts and external cuts. This defines a complete NC program of parts with the appropriate cutting sequence automatically determined.
The system can calculate feeds, speed, and burn-in time based on plate thickness and any other condition defined by the user. Cut time can be calculated and displayed for management information.
Determination of tangent versus perpendicular lead-in's and lead-out's is automatic based on the geometric makeup of the cut contour.

Nesting can be made with the nest extension (AutoNEST).