NC Polaris

Mill Extension for 2.5D Milling:

The manufacturing process for Milling is modeled inside AutoCAD or Mechanical Desktop by the NC Polaris Mill Knowledge Base. The Mill Extension produces toolpath on 2D or 3D entities including Solid Models.
The NC Polaris Mill Extension provides comprehensive Cutting Cycles for production milling that include profiling, pocketing, drilling, direct cutting of Extruded Solid Models, and full 5-Axis positioning. 5-Axis positioning automatically rotates the part on the active axis to position the selected face of the Solid Model normal to the tool.
Cutting Cycles of the Mill Extension are associative to the Solid Model. Change the Model and the associated toolpath can be automatically updated on command.
Profiling Cycles provide Lead-In/Out's that are automatically scaled based on the radius of the current tool. These Leads include straight plunge, ramp entry, or helix entry.


  • Contour Profiling
  • Engraving
  • Pocketing
  • Hole Operations
  • Grouping Holes
  • Sorting Algorithms for Index Improvements
  • Configuration Wizard
  • Toolpath Verification
  • Work Coordinates
  • 5-Axis Positioning